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Tuesday, 27th March, Kodály Choir of Fukusima, Béla Bartók Memorial House New !

Female choral works by Bartók

Apagyi Mária üzenete Grreeting and massage to Japanese (PDF file)

Kurtág György Discography

Kurtág György Játékok zongorára Ⅰ-Ⅳ volumes
Complete recording 4 piece-set CD Order form

Romania, Lugos, Temesvar - Kurtág's birthplace and the town where he spent his boyhood

29th ISME World Conference, Beijing, China August 1-6, 2010
Understanding of Asian Folk Music
Multicultural Music Education for Future Citizens of the Earth
With Workshop

Bela Bartok Children's and Female Choruses Live DVD

Music Education
Materials for Multi-cultural Music Education Up!
ISME 2006 Concert July 17th
ISME2000 Workshop
ISME 2002 Panel Discussion
Japanese Traditional Music
The Adaptation of Koday's Concept
Kurtag Gyorgy
Games for piano by Gyorgy Kurtag
IKS Concert 1999 in Hungary, Kecskemet
Concert of Bartok's Choral Works for Children's and Female Voices,Aug.9 ,Helsinki,2001