Bela Bartok Children's and Female Choruses Live DVD

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Titels of Bela Bartok Children's and Female Choruses;

1. Spring
2. Don’t leave me here!
3. Spell

1. Letter to those at home
2. Play song
3. Courting
4. Hawk!

1. Don’t leave me!
2. I have a ring
3. I’ve no one in the world
4.Bread baking

1. Hussar’ song
2. Loafers’ song
4.Girls’ teasing song

1. Boys’ teasing song
2. Michaelmas greetings
3. Suitor

2.Bird song
3.Joyful, cheerful cry

1. Regret
2. Had I not seen you!
3.The bird flew away

1. Cushion dance
2. Canon
3.God be with you!
Bela Bartok’ and the concert of Fukushima Kodaly Choir
 Prof Erzsebet Szeony
   Béla Bartók’s 27 choruses for equal voices are masterpieces of the Hungarian choir repertoire. They do not only reflect the soul of the nation but hold general human values and virtues. Music and lyrics are at once traditional and modern, so the whole series of the choirs in question contains everlasting values, with an artistic up-to-date timeliness.Furiya Miyako is a most distinguished interpreter of those Béla Bartók choirs. Her thorough knowledge of the essence of Hungarian music is due to her long-time experiences at the sources of the treasures of Hungarian music literature in all respects. The performance of her choir, Fukushima Kodály Choir is on a top level, recognized by many Hungarian musical experts and music critics. The interpretation of the 27 choir compositions is in contest with the best Hungarian ensembles in our time. Conductor Prof. Gábor Ugrin has already directed the Kodály Choir a number of times. He is one of the most outstanding Hungarian choir conductors, who teaches at the Béla Bartók Conservatory and the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. Prof. Ugrin has given lectures all over the world, in Europe, in America and in Asia. He is a Board Member of the Hungarian Kodály Society. His presence in Japan is very significant, as he is an authentic interpreter of Béla Bartók 's famous choir works for equal voices.
Conductor: Gabor Ugrin
  Ugrin Gábor was born in Gyula in Hungary in 1932. Graduate of Franc Liszt Music Academy, He is a professor at the Béla Bartók Conservatory and F. Liszt Music Academy. His post as conductor of the Hungarian Youth Choir has gained him recognition as one of the Hungary's leading choral conductors. He founded Jeunesses Musicales Chorus and has conducted many concerts. He was awarded the Hungarian Franz Liszt Trophy in 1975, Zoltán Kodály Trophy in 1998, and a Béla Bartók -Pásztory Ditta in 2002. He was a guest conductor
of the Fukushima Kodály Choir since 1986. Many CDs ;The Choral Music of Kodaly (HUNGAROTON SLPD 12554), LISZT: Choral Music (HUNGAROTON SLPD 31103).

Choir: Fukushima Kodaly Choir
   Kodály Choir was named in admiration of Zoltán Kodály and his pedagogical and musical contributions. The repertory covers a wide range; traditional Japanese folk songs and folk dances accompanied by traditional instruments and as well as modern Japanese choral works and . European choral music, from Gregorian chant to modern a cappella especially Hungarian (Kodály, Bartók, Bárdos and Kocsár) in a variety of vocal productions. Also any other folk music, such as Bulgarian, Indonesian and South African. The choir undertook three concert tours in Hungary (in 1990,1994 and 1999).and two concert tours at International Society for Music Education conferences(in 1996 and 2006) and three concert tours at the International Kodály Society conferences(1997, 1999 and 2001). In 2004 the choir undertook a concert tour in USA.CDs; Magos a rutafa (EMI Toshiba TOCF-56002), Many Nations-Many Voices (FKC 2000), Bartók's Choral Works for Children's and Female Voices (FKC 2001) conducted by Gábor Ugrin and Miyako Furiya.
Director: Miyako Furiya
   Dr. Miyako Furiya, the Director & Conductor of the Fukushima Kodály Choir is a Graduate of Musashino Music Academy in Japan. During 1987, she studied in Hungary, mainly at the Liszt Music Academy, on a scholarship from the International Kodály Society, focusing on choral conducting (under Gábor Ugrin and Mária Mohayné Katanics) and piano performance (under György Kurtág and Mariann Abrahám). After returning from Hungary, she founded the Fukushima Kodály Choir in 1987 and since has conducted many concerts throughout Japan and in many foreign countries.