Materials for Multi-cultural Music Education

-Opening the site of Learning materials of Ainu Music

Miyako Furiya

I produced materials with support by Scientific research Funds for Multi-cultural Music Education. The purpose of creation is so that students can learn Japanese or other people's music culture which has not been taught in classes.

I open this site as I would like to introduce Japanese Culture to the world on the internet with agreement of people who cooperated to collect data.

The idea and teaching method of Multi-cultural Music Education are as below:

Idea of Multi-cultural Music:
To provide Music Education through which each student can establish his or her identity and gain acceptance and respect for various kinds of music in Japan and also in other cultures in the world.

Teaching method of Multi-cultural Music Education:
To give each student an opportunity to recognize music with social and cultural backgrounds and to understand the people's mind who created the music by learning their expression, and structures.

I introduce Music culture of the Ainu people on the internet. The Ainu people are one of the Aborigines in Japan, but they have been treated as aliens and discriminated for a long time. Their culture was not taught in school education in Japan.

I intend to introduce Music Culture of Taketomijima in Okinawa and that of Bali in Indonesia in near future. Please feel free to write your comments on this site and send it to me.

This site is opened with agreement of people who cooperated with interviews and data collecting.
It is strictly prohibited to use, change or deliver the images, pictures and explanations on this site without permission.