An Introduction to Music and Culture of the Ainu People

Video CameraworkG Still PhotographyG InterviewsG EditingG Production FURIYA@Miyako
Written Commentary
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PerformersG Photo Models AKIBE ImakichiG KOISHIKAWA IsoG@TESHI Shigiko TeshiG@TOKO MidoriG NISHITA KayokoF NISHITA MasaoG HIKAWA KiyoshiG@Akan Ainu Industrial Arts AssociationG Ainu Kotan in the lakeside Akan
Interviewees AKIBE ImakichiG TESHI ShigikoG TOKO MidoriG NISHITA KayokoG HIKAWA KiyoshiG@HIKAWA YasukoG@Ainu Kotan in the lakeside Akan
Photographs Provided by Akan Tourism AssociationG HIKAWA Yasuko
Year Interview took place 2003C@2004
Cover Photograph NISHITA Kayoko
Information Sources The foundation for Research and Promotion of Ainu CultureG@The Ainu Association of Hokkaido
Produced by FURIYA NoeG@ABE Chiharu
Year of Production 2004@(Revised in 2008j